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About us

T Mark® Tools LLC are proud to introduce our third generation of composite sockets and wrenches. We first introduced a plastic insert to use with a socket at the 2008 International INPEX show where we were awarded 1st place in the Tool Division. 

T MARK® Tools sockets and wrenches are insulated and non-ferromagnetic. Making them a safe tool for non-marring, non-magnetic, non-sparking, and corrosion resident applications. We have engineered a strong, reliable and durable line of environmentally safe tools for the demanding jobs of the world. We are looking forward to assisting the technicians who understand a safe work environment. 

T Mark® line of sockets and wrenches are intended for any non-marring application; finished chrome nuts and bolts, any soft alloy materials (aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, lead, brass, etc.).

T Mark® Tools are safe and made from a thermal set compound that does not contain metal so our tools will not rust, spark, become magnetized and are corrosion resistant.

T Mark® Tools are Non-Ferromagnetic making them MRI Safe (50 Tesla).

T Mark® Tools have set a new benchmark for insulated tools.

T Mark® sockets are NOT designed to be used with electric-powered tools or pneumatic-powered tools.