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3/8"- 6 Point - Box Wrench by T MARK®

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For fine finishes, count on the T MARK 3/8"- 6 Point - Standard Box Wrench to help you get it done without marring, scratching, nicking or pitting. This durable, lightweight, non-metallic, six point wrench to protect your expensive soft alloys and chrome nuts. T MARK’s innovative design allows the craftsman of the world to have confidence their project is showroom ready!

Protect expensive soft alloys and chrome nuts and bolts from damage caused by metal wrenches.

  • T MARK 3/8" Box Wrench Redefines Qualify
  • Smart innovative composite makes the tools feel weightless.
  • Non-metallic element means no rust, no corrosion ever.
  • Can never become magnetized.
  • Non-Sparking
  • Insulated 
  • Box ends let you grab fasteners with strength and power for quick jobs.
  • Ideal for automotive, motorcycle, watercraft and airplanes.